Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Next Sixty Years

The Alberta government's Royalty Review Panel passed through Calgary last week and got several earsful of comments about what should be done about the income the people of Alberta get from oil and gas.

Individuals, companies and associations made good points, but each perspective was also short-sighted and preoccupied with a narrow agenda - making money for one just one group.

Sixty years ago drillers discovered a new oilfield at Leduc and today its all over - the oil and gas is gone.

Where do we want to be sixty years from now? Will new technology have replaced oil and gas, coal and hydro? Not likely.

But we know the easy work is in the past. New sources of oil and gas are harder to find, more expensive to produce and demand a much higher price at the pump.

Let's take the long view, for a change. We need leadership at all levels - in industry, all levels of government, and in social groups too.

Albertans want plans that are sustainable, encourage innovative technologies, that are environmentally responsible and that show us to be careful stewards of our wonderful birthright.

Prosperity, stability and predictability - these were all requested at the Royalty Review Panel. Let's all think about the big picture, not just our individual interests, and find innovative new ways to share the wealth and assure our future.

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